Tuesday, August 5, 2014

"JUST DO IT" myth is born?

In jogging shoes period, Nike hasn't realized that should go to the expression strategy, culture the term until 1988, Louis Vuitton Kennedy advertising company to become the advertising agency Nike, together they developed a new powerful cultural expression, is "Just Do It".
   Since 80's in twentieth Century so far, the global economic collapse affected several times, most of the industry, large enterprises merge or close down. The Americans found themselves in a bigger risk, more difficult, more unsafe working conditions -- they need new cultural expression. In order to cope with this opportunity, Weedon Kennedy from digging the beat all the place of, this is Africa American slum. Nike touch was the most important social inequality, most companies do in the market when they try to avoid this, not to mention a shoe company.
   In twentieth Century 80's America, city slums are American most trouble, the most shameful. These blocks is mainly composed of Africa Americans. The slum is considered to be one of the country's harsh living environment, family breakdown, the gang infested, racism, like a jail police school -- here is a cruel world, the only way to survive is personal tenacity and street art.
   Only the sports is the exception, Nike myth inspired Americans strong resonance. It tells people, sports provides a level playing field, it can make the bottom most people get rid of the bad living environment through competition. From the slums and obtain sports success Africa Americans in a most profound influence the way the performance of the new American dream.

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