Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Endorsement by popularity and commercial packaging PK sneakers

Lee is certainly not wrong. University of Pennsylvania sociologist Ilya Anderson pored over the different culture, he thinks the black youth crime originated from "race and class inequality. Those who didn't receive much education of poor children feel socially not given the opportunity, they find themselves excluded from outside the system. But they received cultural messages and white class is the same, but they have no means to have the same needs, they put those things as a symbol of success. Gold, shoes, drug traffickers who wear -- these appearance belies a real ugly."
   "The image in the advertisement to attract young, shoe company control of the market, because it is the existence of. Then the shoe company should be responsible for? It's hard to say, after all, the market is free."
   The social responsibility who negative? An important factor in this situation is caused by the high price some shoes, star endorsement of the styles prices over $100, Pump price of $170 Reebok. The company mainly for black male sales, so the choice of spokesmen are popular high black star.
   "You can question our strategy, but we never support and drug trading." Dolan said. She points out, Nike in autumn series of advertising will also launch the "participation in education, the theme slogan in school", the ads will be in the major events live broadcast. Now more than Nike to do "good citizen", Reebok also invested 750000 to build the "team" plan, intended to combat racial discrimination, this program has also received the support of the Northwestern University.

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