Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jordan doesn't want to sell shoes! Sneaker more worthy of collection.

   Finally, a pair of shoes, next year will not sell!Game in order to get a pair of shoes Jordan shoes (Air Jordan, hereinafter referred to as AJ), will be queuing overnight even price to buy, a pair of the original one thousand multivariate shoes, or even fired up million price. AJ is Nike for Jordan build personal brand, in 2013 AJ shoes in the nation's retail at $2250000000. This is Jordan and Nike marriage to create a business legend. However, recently Jordan has said he will end the relationship of cooperation and Nike 30 years. Jordan shoes will disappear? Some of Chongqing shoe fan in the acceptance of the Chongqing morning news reporters appeared very calm, "said break up rumors" may be pushing up the AJ shoes in the market price.
   Why put an end to 30 years of marriage?Jordan said not satisfied with the quality of the shoesAccording to USA media reports, Jordan said last week in an interview with a local radio interview, he will end the relationship of cooperation and Nike 30 years. AJ will launch a new shoes every year, each uses the cutting-edge technology and fashion of the times, now that the AJ28 generation. According to media reports, Jordan I and Nike gradually diverge in creative and quality. "I never really been involved in shoe sales work, but this is recognized as the best sport shoes, quality of the past few years is not satisfactory, I refuse to go on this way." Jordan said.
  If Jordan and Nike cancel cooperation, with Michael LOGO copy may also be gone? This Jordan simply replied: "from 2015 onwards, the brand will cease to exist, whether I will create another sports clothing brand? The next thing who can say? I just want to spend time with my new wife and twin now."

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