Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jordan doesn't want to sell shoes! Sneaker more worthy of collection.

   Finally, a pair of shoes, next year will not sell!Game in order to get a pair of shoes Jordan shoes (Air Jordan, hereinafter referred to as AJ), will be queuing overnight even price to buy, a pair of the original one thousand multivariate shoes, or even fired up million price. AJ is Nike for Jordan build personal brand, in 2013 AJ shoes in the nation's retail at $2250000000. This is Jordan and Nike marriage to create a business legend. However, recently Jordan has said he will end the relationship of cooperation and Nike 30 years. Jordan shoes will disappear? Some of Chongqing shoe fan in the acceptance of the Chongqing morning news reporters appeared very calm, "said break up rumors" may be pushing up the AJ shoes in the market price.
   Why put an end to 30 years of marriage?Jordan said not satisfied with the quality of the shoesAccording to USA media reports, Jordan said last week in an interview with a local radio interview, he will end the relationship of cooperation and Nike 30 years. AJ will launch a new shoes every year, each uses the cutting-edge technology and fashion of the times, now that the AJ28 generation. According to media reports, Jordan I and Nike gradually diverge in creative and quality. "I never really been involved in shoe sales work, but this is recognized as the best sport shoes, quality of the past few years is not satisfactory, I refuse to go on this way." Jordan said.
  If Jordan and Nike cancel cooperation, with Michael LOGO copy may also be gone? This Jordan simply replied: "from 2015 onwards, the brand will cease to exist, whether I will create another sports clothing brand? The next thing who can say? I just want to spend time with my new wife and twin now."

"JUST DO IT" myth is born?

In jogging shoes period, Nike hasn't realized that should go to the expression strategy, culture the term until 1988, Louis Vuitton Kennedy advertising company to become the advertising agency Nike, together they developed a new powerful cultural expression, is "Just Do It".
   Since 80's in twentieth Century so far, the global economic collapse affected several times, most of the industry, large enterprises merge or close down. The Americans found themselves in a bigger risk, more difficult, more unsafe working conditions -- they need new cultural expression. In order to cope with this opportunity, Weedon Kennedy from digging the beat all the place of, this is Africa American slum. Nike touch was the most important social inequality, most companies do in the market when they try to avoid this, not to mention a shoe company.
   In twentieth Century 80's America, city slums are American most trouble, the most shameful. These blocks is mainly composed of Africa Americans. The slum is considered to be one of the country's harsh living environment, family breakdown, the gang infested, racism, like a jail police school -- here is a cruel world, the only way to survive is personal tenacity and street art.
   Only the sports is the exception, Nike myth inspired Americans strong resonance. It tells people, sports provides a level playing field, it can make the bottom most people get rid of the bad living environment through competition. From the slums and obtain sports success Africa Americans in a most profound influence the way the performance of the new American dream.

how to find a successful cultural password?

Nike does to the athletic shoes design contributed important technological innovations, but this occurs only in the primary stage of the company. In twentieth Century 60, the ability of some company first attempt to new materials and medical science is used to design the production of sports shoes, this is the kind of product "better mousetrap" stage -- these products are mainly aimed at the occupation athlete and serious amateur athletes.
   Nike shoes developed innovative new fiber and the sole, and spared no expense ask Japan Inc manufacturing. Those addicted to advanced technology, a lot of, in fact, only to pay close attention to the new design is the athletes, even a tiny enhancement for they are important -- these people into the Nike and several other shoe company's fans. For ordinary consumers, these subtle differences there be of no great importance. Come ten years, the company boasts of product performance by the star athletes, only to ordinary consumers increase the tired.
   Nike this situation, be "cultural strategy" a book called the cultural gap (Cultural chasm). Through the design of high performance to meet the specific needs of athletes shoes, Nike established an influential position in the runner Asian culture. But this strategy is not the core of the athletes for those consumers does not work, and these are the vast majority of consumer market.How to Nike across this gap? This needs a cultural innovation, not product innovation, the Nike performance for athletes consumer groups have significance.
   Nike cultural innovation marketing strategy based on, or of cultural strategy to develop a product, dreaming for consumers, need to understand the historical background at that time -- 70 years of the twentieth Century, USA economy entered a period of stagflation -- the gold in 25 years, creating a social contract America dream began to collapse. Originally, most Americans like basketball, football, this kind of group motion. In twentieth Century 70 time later period, most has the individualism of the sport -- running suddenly popular.

Endorsement by popularity and commercial packaging PK sneakers

Lee is certainly not wrong. University of Pennsylvania sociologist Ilya Anderson pored over the different culture, he thinks the black youth crime originated from "race and class inequality. Those who didn't receive much education of poor children feel socially not given the opportunity, they find themselves excluded from outside the system. But they received cultural messages and white class is the same, but they have no means to have the same needs, they put those things as a symbol of success. Gold, shoes, drug traffickers who wear -- these appearance belies a real ugly."
   "The image in the advertisement to attract young, shoe company control of the market, because it is the existence of. Then the shoe company should be responsible for? It's hard to say, after all, the market is free."
   The social responsibility who negative? An important factor in this situation is caused by the high price some shoes, star endorsement of the styles prices over $100, Pump price of $170 Reebok. The company mainly for black male sales, so the choice of spokesmen are popular high black star.
   "You can question our strategy, but we never support and drug trading." Dolan said. She points out, Nike in autumn series of advertising will also launch the "participation in education, the theme slogan in school", the ads will be in the major events live broadcast. Now more than Nike to do "good citizen", Reebok also invested 750000 to build the "team" plan, intended to combat racial discrimination, this program has also received the support of the Northwestern University.